Commenting made easy

No complicated backend configuration. Add a comment section anywhere – even if you use plain HTML, we got you covered.

easy configuration

Zero-configuration. Have a webpage ready? Adding a fully functional comment section won't take more than two minutes. And no, you don't have to worry about backend, infrastructure… ever.

Your comment section is live!

Copy the following iframe to add it to your webpage.
<iframe src="https://ezkomment.joulev.dev/embed/...">

easy integration

All you need to do then is to add the embedding HTML <iframe> tag to your webpage. No need of complicated frameworks, good ol’ plain HTML can do!

easy moderation

Spam, hate speech? Unwanted comments? Never a problem. You have full control over every comment you have, full stop.
John Doe
Incidunt accusamus vero. Ipsam reiciendis unde voluptatibus voluptates ab aliquam aut. Aut voluptas laudantium. Voluptatem beatae explicabo et eius. Commodi a autem omnis.
Remove comments at any time
Approve comments you want to show

easy customisation

Worried the comment section might not fit your design? Fret not. Bring your HTML template over and make the comment section completely yours.
button {

beyond the boundary

Want to use your custom renderer? Want to integrate the whole thing to your existing infrastructure? You should REST! Simply fetch our RESTful API and you have everything in your app.

open source, as it should be

ezkomment is an NUS Orbital project. All steps are documented and everything is available publicly.

Get started, for completely free!